How to Gain Scholarship to Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream of all students but not everyone has enough funds to afford it. To support international students, scholarships are available overseas to apply. The question here is, how to gain scholarship to study abroad.

Scholarships are not easy to find especially online. This is because there are a lot of misleading sites. We will show you How To Gain Scholarship To Study Abroad.

What then is a Scholarship?

You can choose to call it an allowance, grant, subsidy stipend, or bursary. But to sum up all, scholarship literally means, a grant in aid to a student. That is a monetary award for students that allow them to continue their studies in their own country or abroad.

There are top universities in Europe, America, Asia, and the rest of the parts of the world that offer such scholarships.

Studying abroad is interesting but the challenge we face is that, how do we get the scholarship. Well, there are a lot of procedures we need to keep track of. But trust me these ways are very simple and easy to ensue.

Asking for HELP

The first step in getting a scholarship is asking people around you who may have ideas about a scholarship. Mostly on this, I advise that students should seek this help from their masters or even a professor around them.

There are a lot of fully-funded scholarships, but identifying them is the problem. When you seek help from those who have ideas about it, then, you can go on to select your desired country. By doing this, you will have a fair idea of scholarships and what you are heading towards.


It looks great from seeking help to know about scholarships than researching right? Well, it is not everything that our masters and professors know. The internet is available to help us perform this second procedure.

Most countries have a list of scholarships available. By doing this research you get to know the location and the requirement of your desired institution.

Contact the Scholarship/Grant funder DIRECTLY

The best way to know much about the scholarship is to contact the funders directly. This may help to know the updated application requirement.

Contacting the grant funders will also make them know that, you know what you are about and most of all; it will show that you are serious and you are willing to do all it takes to get the scholarship.

Making adjustments in your RESUME

This step plays a key role in your way of applying for scholarships. As we know what a resume is, you have to get all your educational background and other necessary information listed in the CV since you’ll be required to upload them during the registration.

Be sure to write all experiences you’ve had and update all your recent campus activities. But remember try to write concisely.

Make sure you are confident enough in your language skills, you could try to present the resume in the language of the country you are studying in.


Students are advised when applying for scholarships to have a personal reference. What does that mean? You should have someone whom you have worked with either in a professional or academic setting.

For students, it is advisable to reach out to professors as your references.

Regardless of whom you reach out to, be respectful and realize that you are asking them to take time out of their busy schedule to help you. When he becomes your reference he simply going to recommend you for the scholarship. I advise that you choose personalities you have interacted with for a long.

Mark your CALENDER

Remember we say you should search for more scholarships. Do we know that such grants or scholarships have deadlines? Things will be much complicated when you are applying for more than one scholarship at a time.

But that is a great move because you don’t know which one will be given to you. You need to have a calendar. What do I mean? Here you have to keep records of your application dates and their deadline.

This will help you know specifically when applied scholarships are expiring for you to check whether you’ve to go it or not.


This sounds weird, right? But it is a great move since you’ve got a calendar for your applications, you can continue to search for more grants and apply. Remember there are always more ways to succeed, so, therefore, applying more than once will give you a higher chance of getting your scholarship.

Holding a good GRADE:

If we can recall, before we get admitted into SHS, we have to sit for BECE to obtain good grades that can give us access to Senior High School. What was the reason behind that? The reason is for the institution to get the best of the students.

The same thing applies to getting scholarships. You need to have good grades to apply for scholarships. Despite the fact that not all scholarships will require an average grade but there is the need for you to have well and equipped grades.

This is to tell the provider that, you plan to take your studies abroad very seriously not just a chance to travel but the opportunity to explore more.


When you are done with these procedures above, you have to go through your application once more to ensure that there are no errors. A minor error can make your application invalid so going through is very important.

After going through to eradicate all unnecessary words or phrases, you can make a copy of the application and keep it to yourself, and then submit the original form.

When submitting make sure that you attach all needed documents, such as a copy of your birth certificate, results, etc. submission should be earlier than the deadline given.

I hope this article got you covered on how to gain a scholarship to study abroad.

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