Placement Portal-CSSPS Opens Next Week 2023/2024

The Ministry of Education has officially announced to the general public and the candidates who sat for 2023 BECE exams that, the scheduled date of the opening of the 2023/2024 Computerized School Selection Placement System portal, is new week. Candidates are therefore urged to check their placement immediately the portal is activated.

Out of the total of 571,892 candidates who were registered and took part in the 2023 BECE academic year, 555,353 met the required criteria for placement. 367,811 candidates among them have been automatically placed in one of their preferred school choices. However, 187,542 which is the remaining of the qualified candidates need to undergo a self-placement as they were not matched with any of their preferred choices.

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The Computerized school Selection Placement system (CSSPS) portal will help provide them with the opportunity to select from the available schools that are still in need of students to reach their maximum number of students admitted every year. CSSPS portal activation is a very important step in the school placement for Senior High Schools, Technical Schools and Technical Vocational Education and Training Institutes. CSSPS ensure an efficient method of assigning qualified candidates to their appropriate educational institutions.

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