When will Level 200 Students in Colleges go to School

When will Level 200 Students in Colleges go to School? Let’s break down the academic calendar on the date level 300 students go down. And also, when level 200 students will go to school.

Students in Colleges of Education at the moment are Level 400 Students and Level 300 students. Colleges of Education are currently running a track system of education where two batches or levels will be in school and other batches or levels at home.

Some Colleges of Education do not have enough infrastructure to accommodate all students and even lecture halls. This became an issue and hence, the emergence of this system of education.

News circulation shows that there are varying dates of resumption of Level 200 students to school. The date of resumption, vacation, and other curricular activities was stated in the ACADEMIC CALENDAR.

However, there are different publications concerning the resuming date for academic works for level 200 college of education students. It was reported that the date has been shifted to the 30th of October 2022 which is not true.

The reason for the postponement in one of the publications shows that it was due to a lack of infrastructure to accommodate all students. Meanwhile, it is the same reason Colleges of Education currently run the track system.

When will Level 200 Students in Colleges go to School?

As it stands now, there is no official release from any management of the college of education about the change in date. Hence, we hereby announce that the resuming date is 16th October 2022 as per the academic calendar.

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