Changes Made to Licensure Examination | NTC Reforms

There have been changes made to licensure examination | NTC Reforms which is expected to take effect next year March 2023.

NTC has announced that the council will roll out major reforms to improve the outcome of the Licensure Examination and deal with the current challenges and future challenges expected under the new reform.

Initially, the listed papers were written during the examination as separate papers;

  • Numeracy
  • Literacy and
  • Essential Skills

These three papers will be put together in one paper termed General Paper.

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Changes Made to Licensure Examination | NTC Reforms

Two other papers will be added. These are the Related Pedagogy and Teaching Subject-Based papers.

Pedagogy is the study of tr activities of teaching. Pedagogy also examines the styles, feedback, assessments, and different methods that are employed in teaching.

The teaching Subject Based paper aims to test the level of proficiency of teachers in their areas of specialization. Each subject or each specialization has its proficiency and this particular paper is to ensure that the teacher has proficiency in this particular specialization.

These major reforms are expected to take effect fully in March 2023. This means that the first edition of the Ghana Teacher Licensure examination in 2023 will start with the reforms outlined by the NTC.

Moreover, the Ghana Teacher Licensure examination for 2023 is going to be computer-based, it’s examination will be written online.

The new reforms aim to give teachers flexibility. For instance, If you feel you can teach a particular subject, all you need to do is to sit and write, and, then National Teaching Council will issue you with a license certifying that you are qualified to teach that particular subject.

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