Changes Made to Licensure Examination | NTC Reforms

Changes Made to Licensure Examination | NTC Reforms

As part of the implementation of the reforms in the Ghana Teacher Licensure Examination (GTLE), these are the major changes to teachers licensure examination that every qualified person must know.

The changes to this examination has one way or the other affected many aspects of the examination. Firstly, not all college graduates are qualified to write the examination but only B.Ed holders and Post Graduate Diploma in Education holders.

Secondly, changes are also made to the papers written. It is going to be three, General Paper, Subject-Based and Pedagogy.

GTLE Date for Fresh Candidates

Registration for the examination will start on the 1st of July 2023 for fresh candidates.

Changes Made to Licensure Examination | NTC Reforms

The first Batch of the New(Reform) GTLE will be held in September 2023.

Re-sit Candidates will have theirs in November 2023. This is the last re-sit for such candidates.

Only Degree and Post Graduate Diploma graduates holders are qualified to write the new (reform) GTLE.

NTC has not authorized anyone to make payment of 50gh to Prudential Bank as registration.

Under the new GTLE reform, three Papers will be written. Thus,

  • General Paper which will cover Literacy and Numeracy
  • Subject Base Paper which will test candidates on their Major learnt in University or College, and
  • Pedagogy Paper which test candidates on teaching methodology and teaching in general.

Related pedagogy and subject based papers will solely be objectives.

General paper will comprise essay and objectives, especially in the literacy aspect, candidates will have to express themselves.

Any Diploma holder who hasn’t written the GTLE before will have to pursue a Post Graduate Diploma to qualify him/her to write the License Exams.

Apart from the General Paper, the other two Papers will be Objectives Test.

If you have failed the GTLE number of times, you won’t be allowed to write again.

Candidates will not be allowed to take the examination in colleges they have completed.

GTLE New Pass Mark

The Pass Mark for the New GTLE will be 70%. This is 20% higher than the Traditional GTLE.

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