Colleges of Education Reopening Date for 2021/2022 Academic Year

Students from colleges of education have gone down in early August. Since then, they have not been informed as to when they are returning to school.

A lot of dates are circulating on social media regarding the reopening of schools. Many have said that schools will reopen on the 3rd of October.

With regards to the news circulating, it has stated that level 100s and 300s will be reporting. Whiles Level 200s will have online lectures for six weeks and later go for face-to-face lectures.

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The above information was then looked at by the various principals regarding the reopening of the schools. They have said that it will be reviewed.

Information reaching us from the SRC board of BACE stated that the date is been looked at. All the Principals has decided 17th October will be the reopening date.

They have sent a proposal that Level 100 and  Level 200 should return to school on the proposed date. The principals are now waiting for approval. If their proposal is approved, then 17th October will be the reopening date.

We hereby want to alert all students going to Level 200 and 300 to stay calm and wait for the approval.

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