How to Access the Balme Library at University of Ghana

How To Access The Balme Library At University of Ghana: The Balme library of University of Ghana, certainly the biggest library in west Africa, and one of the good libraries to visit in Africa was named after the first principal of the institution, David Mowbray Balme.

The Balme library is the main library of  University of Ghana, and the biggest of libraries owned y the institution. The library has been resourced with different learning materials, including IT facilities, and access to to electronic books for ones study.

Since its establishment in 1948, the library has gone through successive growth with its printed book collection totaling over 400,000 volumes.


This include the group of individuals who are allow access to the library and it resources. They are as stated below;

  • Faculty of the University of Ghana
  • Students of the University of Ghana
  • Researchers of the University of Ghana
  • Administrators of the University of Ghana

The individuals stated above are further divided into two groups, which are:

  1. Those who have the right to borrow from the collection. This category includes:
    1. Senior Members
    2. Graduate students and Teaching Assistants.
    3. Undergraduate Students and Non-degree Students.
  2. Those who can use the library for reference only:
    1. University workers (who have been recommended by their Heads of Departments to use the Library).
    2. Alumni of the University.
    3. National Service Personnel.
    4. Others, including students form other universities.

How To Access The Balme Library At University of Ghana

One should however note that, access to the University library resources is only permissible to members of the category stated above. The library operates every week form Monday to Friday at 8:00am to 5:00pm, unless otherwise distracted by unknown circumstances. Legal members can walk in following the set of rules and regulation of the facility for the purpose of their studies and research.

Access to Past Questions

Access to this resources however, is also limited to members of the University. One needs to register before access can be granted. to register, the following are the necessary requirements:

  1. UG valid email address.
  2. Member name
  3. And an ID number

The requirements above are mandatory, and without them, registration and access can not be granted.


  1. Click on UG-past questions.
  2. Fill in the mandatory requirements.
  3. Then submit registration.

After Successful submission, you can access the Past Exam Papers PDFs using your student ID as Username and your Library Account Barcode as Password.

Your Library Account Barcode is in the format Student ID + Date of Birth (DDMONYYYY) where :
DD = two digits for the day of birth e.g. 08, 15
MON = first three letters for the month of birth e.g. OCT, JUN
YYYY = the year of birth in full e.g. 1957, 1979 

Thus an example of Library Account Barcode is 1028312508APR1997. 

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