Likely NOV-DEC 2022 English Language Essay Questions

The NOV/DEC examination which comes once every year is set to be written in few days to come. Find below some Likely NOV-DEC 2022 English Language Essay Questions to expect.

These questions are samples of the previous year’s Nov-Dec Examination organized by WAEC. If you are a candidate, it’s advisable you try and solve all these questions. This will help to adequately prepare you for the examination. Wishing you all the best of luck.

Likely NOV-DEC 2022 English Language Essay Questions

Below are the sample of the Essay questions that might be repeated. Candidates should try as much as they can to solve if not all, but most of the questions.

Questions One (1)

Your elder brother who had been working for many years outside the country has written to inform you of his plans to return home and settle finally. Write a letter to him giving, at least, three reasons why he should stay back a little longer.

Question Two (2)

Write an article suitable for publication in a national newspaper on how the destruction of public property affects the nation.

Question Three (3)

Write a letter to the Minister of Youth and Sports in your country complaining about t government’s concentration on football to the detriment of other sports. Discuss three reasons why you think the government should now focus on other sports.

Question Four (4)

Write a story to illustrate the saying: No pain, no gain.

Question Five (5)

You have just completed a training course in which you learnt a skill. Write a letter to your friend who did not attend the training course telling him/her the skill you learnt and what you intend in do with it.

Question Six (6)

Write an article suitable for publication in one of the national newspapers on lawlessness among the youth in your country and suggest ways of curbing it.

Question Seven (7)

The District Chief Executive has invited views from the public on how to bring about improvement in the community. Write a letter to him, as the president of the local welfare society, expressing at least three views.

Question Eight (8)

You are the main speaker in a debate on the topic: Social media platforms have done more harm than good to society. Write your argument for or against the motion.

Question Nine (9)

Write a story which illustrates the saying: Excessive love of money can lead one into danger.

Question Ten (10)

Write a story to illustrate the saying: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Question Eleven (11)

As the president of your youth club, write a speech you would deliver on your anniversary on the topic: My concern for the future of the youth of our country.

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