NTC to Open Portal for Another Re-Sit Examination

NTC to open portal for another re-sit examination due to mass failure. The just ended NTC Examination has seen a great mass failure when the results were released. It became a concern to the nation.

Candidates who sat for the examination became worried because they know from the results, they won’t be recruited when the GES portal for recruitment is opened.

They are now demanding for second chance to redeem themselves. Talking to the Registrar on the cause of the mass failure, these are what he outlined as the cause of the failure.

The registrar informed the leadership of TTAG that the majority of candidates were resit students, so preparation for the exams was inadequate. He further stated that, there wasn’t any leakage of any of the papers and that invigilation was tight.

Above were what he thought was the cause of the mass failure.

Due to these concerns raised by TTAG, they pleaded on the behalf of those candidates who failed the exams for the portal to be reopened again. This will give them another chance to redeem themselves in order to get recruited by GES.

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