Programmes Offered at UEW Winneba Campus 2022/2023 Academic Year

We have brought to you in this article, a list of Programmes Offered at UEW Winneba Campus 2022/2023 Academic Year.

The University of Education has four campuses namely Winneba Campus, Ajumako Campus, Asante-Mampong Campus and the Kumasi Campus. Each campus has specific courses it offers.

The choice of your course will determine your campus. Here are the courses that are offered at Winneba Campus. The courses are from 6 faculties or schools of study. Each faculty or school of study with the courses it offers.

Programmes Offered at UEW Winneba Campus 2022/2023 Academic Year

The faculties or the school of study with their respective courses they are offering are listed down below.

Faculty of Educational Studies

The Full-Time Programmes are:

  1. B. Ed. Basic Education (Upper Primary: P4 – P6)
  2. B. Ed. Basic Education (JHS Option-specialisation)
  3. B. Ed. Early Grade Education
  4. B. Ed Community-Based Rehabilitation and Disability Studies
  5. B. Ed. Special Education
  6. BSc Counselling Psychology
  7. Post-Diploma Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies
  8. Post-Diploma Early Childhood Education
  9. Post-Diploma Basic Education
  10. Diploma in Community-Based Rehabilitation & Disability Studies
  11. Post-Diploma Special Education

School of Business

Full-Time Programmes under the school of business include:

  1. B. B. A. Accounting
  2. B. B. A. Human Resource Management
  3. B. B. A. Banking & Finance
  4. B. B. A. Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  5. B. B. A. Procurement & Supply Chain Management
  6. BSc Accounting Education
  7. B. Sc. Management Education

School of Creative Arts

These are the full-time programmes that form the school of Creative Arts at Winneba Campus

  1. B. A. Art Education
  2. B. A. Graphic Design
  3. B. A. Theatre Arts
  4. B. Music
  5. B. A. Music Education
  6. B. A. Textile & Fashion Design Studies Education
  7. B. F. A. Animation
  8. Post-Diploma in Music
  9. Post-Diploma in Theatre Arts
  10. Post-Diploma in Art Education
  11. Post-Diploma in Graphic Design
  12. Post-Diploma in Music Education
  13. Post-Diploma in Textile and Fashion Design Studies Education
  14. Diploma in Art Education
  15. Diploma in Graphic Design
  16. Diploma in Theatre Arts
  17. Diploma in Music

Faculty of Foreign Language Education and Communication

Full-Time Programmes which constitute the Faculty of Foreign Language Education and Communication

  1. B. A. English Education
  2. B. A. French Education
  3. B. A. Linguistics Education
  4. B. A. Linguistics and English Education
  5. B. A. Linguistics and French Education
  6. B. A. German and English Education
  7. B. A. German and French Education
  8. B. A. Communication and Media Studies

Faculty of Science Education

Full-Time Programmes that make up the Science Education Faculty are as follow:

  1. B. Sc. (Physical Education)
  2. B. Sc. (Home Economics Education)
  3. B. Sc. (Mathematics Education)
  4. B. Sc. (Sports Coaching)
  5. B. Sc. (Integrated Science Education)
  6. B. Sc. (Physics Education)
  7. B. Sc. (Chemistry Education)
  8. B. Sc. (Biology Education)
  9. B. Sc. (Information & Communication Technology Education)
  10. B. Sc. (Health Administration & Education)
  11. Post-Diploma in Home Economics Education
  12. Post-Diploma in Mathematics Education
  13. Post-Diploma in Information & Communication Technology Education
  14. Post-Diploma in Health Administration and Education
  15. Diploma in Coaching

Faculty of Social Sciences Education

Full-Time Programmes under Faculty of Social Science:

  1. B. A. Economics Education
  2. B. A. Geography Education
  3. B. A. History Education
  4. B. A. Political Science Education
  5. B. A. Social Studies Education

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