Undergraduate Courses at CK-Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences for the 2021/2022 Academic Year

Undergraduate Courses at CK-Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences are listed below. Admission for the 2021/2022 academic year has been opened.

Applicants who want to get admitted into the University must meet some requirements.

CK-Tedam University Admission Forms 2021/2022 Academic Year

Department of Mathematics

  1. 4-Year BSc. Mathematics
  2. 4-Year BSc. Mathematics with Finance
  3. 4-Year BSc. Mathematics with Economics
  4. 4-Year BSc. Mathematics with Computing

Department of Statistics

  1. 4-Year BSc. Statistics
  2. 4-Year BSc. Actuarial Science
  3. 4-Year BSc. Biostatistics

Department of Environmental Studies

  1. 4-Year BSc. Environmental Science
  2. 4-Year BSc. Environmental and Sustainable Development
  3. 4-Year BSc. Agro-Meteorology and Climate Science

Department of Computer Science

  1. 4-Year BSc. Computer Science
  2. 4-Year BSc. Data Science
  3. 4-Year BSc. Network Science (to be mounted)

Department of Business Computing

  1. 4-Year BSc. Computing with Accounting
  2. 4-Year BSc. Computing with Business Administration (to be run soon)
  3. 4-Year BSc. Computing with Economics (to be run soon)

Department of Cyber Security and Computer Engineering Technology

  1. 4-Year BSc. Cyber and Information Security
  2. 4-Year BSc. Software Engineering Technology
  3. 4-Year BSc. Computer Engineering Technology (to be run soon)
  4. 4-Year BSc. Telecommunication Sciences (to be run soon)

Department of Information System and Technology

  1. 4-Year BSc. Information Technology
  2. 4-Year BSc. Information Systems (to be run soon)

Department of Earth Sciences

  1. 4-Year BSc. Earth Science
  2. 4-Year BSc. Geological Science

Department of Applied Physics

  1. 4-Year BSc. Applied Physics
  2. 4-Year BSc. Geophysics
  3. 4-Year BSc. Industrial physics
  4. 4-Year BSc. Medical Physics

Department of Applied Biology

  1. 4-Year BSc. Applied Biology
  2. 4-Year BSc. Microbial Biotechnology
  3. 4-Year BSc. Plant Science and Technology
  4. 4-Year BSc. Animal Biodiversity and Conservation Science

Department of Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry

  1. 4-Year BSc. Applied Chemistry
  2. 4-Year BSc. Biochemistry
  3. 4-Year BSc. Industrial Chemistry
  4. 4-Year BSc. Pharmaceutical Technology
  5. 4-Year BSc. Forensic Science

Department of Science and Mathematics Education (DoSME)

  1. 4-Year BEd. Science (with Options in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics)
  2. 4-Year BEd. Mathematics

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