Bagabaga College of Education Level 300 Courses for the Second Semester of 2020/2021 Academic Year

In this article, we bring to you Bagabaga College of Education Level 300 courses for the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year. Another academic semester has begun and level 300s are to study the following courses. Bagabaga College of Education Level 300 students are affiliated with UCC.

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The programs offered by the Level 300s in Bgabaga College of Education are grouped into five (5). The courses are named below:

  • Group 1: ICT, AGRIC, and Science
  • Group 2: Visual Arts, Technical Skills and French
  • Group 3: Mathematics
  • Group 4: Social Studies and English
  • Group 5: Hone Economics, RME, and Ghanain Language

You can check on the UCC grading system and how to calculate GPA here

These are the courses to be taken for the second semester of the 2020/2021 academic year:

S/N Course Code Course Title
1 EBS 351 Statistics and Probability
2 EBS 342 Graphic Communication II (Building and Eng. Drawing)
3 EBS 311 General Biology III
4 EBS 372 PC Maintenance, Troubleshooting Computers
5 EBS 354 Introduction to Textiles
6 EBS 358 Introduction to Textiles Design
7 EBS 364J Rural Sociology & Agric Extention
8 EBS 310 Gender and Development in Africa
9 EBS 340 Islamic Studies
10 EBS 376 GH. Language & Culture Syntax
11 EBS 331 English and Multilingual Context
12 EBS 363 Gender and Writing
13 EBS 355 Inservice Education and Training
14 EBS 392 Micro Teaching
15 EBS 338 Introduction to Guidance and Counselling
16 EBS 349 School Management and Administration
17 EBS 348 Educational Studies
18 EBS 344 Food and Culture
19 EBS 352 Clothing and Management
20 EBS 335 Lang. Structure and Usage IV: Advanced French Composition (Oral and Written)
21 EBS 344 Organization and Administration of Physical Educ. and Sports Programme
22 EBS 333 Creativity in the Performing Arts

The table above is the list of courses to be studied by the Bagabaga CoE Level 300 students. The courses are for all the five grouped courses but also contains general and elective courses in regards to the programme of study.

Here, is the list of colleges of education affiliated with UCC

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