Colleges of Education Affiliated to UCC

The 46 public Colleges of Education in Ghana are all affiliated with different public universities.

University Affiliate means any entity supervised or controlled in connection with the university. It exists or is organized for the benefit of the university

An affiliated schoolaffiliated college) is an educational institution that operates independently but also has a formal collaborative agreement with another, usually larger institution that may have some level of control or influence over its academic policies, standards.

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The Colleges of Education that are affiliated with UCC are listed below:

  1. Foso College of Education- Primary, Early Grade  & JHS Education
  2. St.Francis College of Education, Hohoe- Primary and JHS Education
  3. OLA College of Education, Cape Coast- Primary, JHS & Early Grade Education
  4. Kibi College of Education-Primary and JHS Edu.
  5. Holy Child College of Education, Takoradi-Primary, Early Grade & JHS Education
  6. St. Teresa’s College of Education, Hohoe-Primary, Early Grade & JHS Education
  7. Jasikan College of Education –Primary, Early Grade & JHS Education
  8. Berekum College of Education; Primary, Early Grade & JHS Education
  9. St. Monica’s College of Education, Mampong-Ash. – Primary & JHS Education
  10. Atebubu College of Education-Primary, Early Grade & JHS Education
  11. Offinso College of Education-Primary & JHS Education
  12. S.D.A. College of Education, Agona-Ash.-Primary and JHS Education
  13. Abetifi Presbyterian College of Education-Primary & JHS Education
  14. St. Ambrose College of Education, Dormaa-Akwamu- Primary & JHS Education

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