How to Buy Nursing Training Form Using Mobile Money for the 2021/2022 Academic Year

How to buy a nursing training form using Mobile Money for the 2021/2022 academic year is what this article is all about.

Are you worried because you have gone to the bank to purchase an e-voucher but there is a long queue? Well never mind. The Ministry of Health has made it easier for applicants to get an e-voucher.

In this article, we will discuss how to get the admission e-voucher using mobile money. Follow these simple steps to get your e-voucher.

  1. First Open your phone dialer and dial the short code *887*18#
  2. Now enter your preferred school name. In this case, you enter MOH as the school Alias.
  3. After entering the MOH, you will be prompted with the form Amount (200 cedis)
  4. Tap on the reply button
  5. Now, you will be notified to authorize payment. Enter your PIN and submit.
  6. Notification will be shown for the successful authorization of payment.
  7. You will receive an SMS that contains your Serial Number and PIN

Above are the simple steps you can follow to get your nursing training e-voucher using mobile money.

NOTE: It works on all networks.

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  1. Florence says

    Pls I have bought the nursing forms with mobile money but I have not received any message

    1. Tertiary24 says

      Please it will come. Wait for some few minutes

  2. Florence Taylor says

    Please I have bought nursing forms using the short code with my mobile money but more than 24 hours I have not received my message yet

    1. Janet Abokyie says

      Please dial *887*18# then select 1 (yes) to view your details. That’s all

  3. Job Mumuni says

    I purchased some but haven’t received the sms

  4. Elizabeth mensah says

    Pls hv I bought nursing training forms using mobile money but I hv not received massage since last three day

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