Concerns of Teacher Trainees of (COE) Affiliated to UEW and UDS

A press was released on 3, November 2023 by the Teacher Trainee Association of Ghana to show their concern over the teacher trainees of colleges of education affiliated with the University of Education, Winneba (UEW) and the University for Development Studies (UDS). The letter was signed by  General Secretary, John EdeIn Avedzi, and Jephthah Nana Kwame (President). The letter, focuses on the Absence of Students result portal and the issue of examination result delay were the main topics. Read the main content of the letter below.

TTAG writes to address matters of great concern affecting Teacher Trainees in Colleges of Education affiliated with the University of Education, Winneba, and the University for Development Studies. These issues pose significant challenges and require prompt attention and intervention for a sustainable resolution.


The non-existence of students’ result portal has hindered these affected Teacher Trainees from accessing academic information, including results and other critical updates related to their studies within the College of Education. The unavailability of a result portal has impeded Trainees’ ability to officially academic progress, which is an essential aspect of their educational journey. results over the past two years. Specifically, essential monitor their


There have been significant delays in the release of examination UEW, Level 100 students have not received their first year first semester results, Level 200 awaits their second-year first semester results. Level 300 awaits examination result for both the second year second- semester and the third year first-semester, and Level 400 students have not received their third year second- semester results. This delay is causing significant distress and uncertainty among the student body within these affected Colleges of Education.


The existing challenges related to the absence of a student result portal and delays in result releases have created confusion and anxiety among our Level 400 student teachers (2019 Cohort) regarding their graduation prospects. The uncertainty regarding graduation eligibility is deeply unsettling for these aspiring educators who are on the point of completing their studies by November 11, 2023. We, the leadership of TTAG, recognize these Universities’ dedication to enhancing the well-being of its students. However, we emphasize that addressing these critical issues affecting our students are paramount to achieving this objective. We respectfully call upon the Council of both mentoring Universities to expeditiously address these pressing concerns.

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