Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education 2023/2024

According to multiple sources, entrance examination in colleges of education 2023/2024 academic year is highly possible for applicants to write in order to ensure that the best candidates are given the chance.

This decision was circulating even before the 2021/2022 academic year begin that there would be such an examination but it did not happen. Stakeholders feel that there is a need to introduce such an initiative to regulate the entry of colleges of education.

The 2023/2024 academic year applicants are likely to write the examination following the massive failure in the licensure examination.

The result of the examination is clearly showing that not all college graduates are qualified to teach and train the Ghanaian children.

Entrance Examination in Colleges of Education 2023/2024

This is what the Chief Director at the Ministry of Education Mr. Divine Ayidzoe has to say concerning the examination. He is putting it forward that Mathematics and English tests should be conducted for qualified applicants before fully admitted.

Below is the statement he made:

“If we are talking about teacher quality, I think is time. Even the licensure examination data shows that trained teachers who have written BECE and WASSCE and undergone scrutiny at UCC and UEW cannot write a single sentence correctly and worse things from other institutions.

How are they going to teach? So there is a call from next year, entrance examinations in Mathematics and English should be conducted so that the qualified candidates will be selected into the colleges of education. We have to get the best to enter our colleges of education”.

This was the statement he made last year concerning the examination.

Also, Dr. Clement, the Deputy Ranking Member of the Education Committee in Parliament has mentioned that the NTC submitted a proposal to Parliament for an amount of 7.8 million cedis to conduct the examination.

Once this proposal is approved, entrance examination will be written.

Do you side with the Chief Director at the Ministry of Education? Let’s know your stand in the comment section below.

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  1. Abazudiba Sampson says

    Yes,the decision is very good. Some students are good but had some bad grades during their wassce examination which is not always accepted by the collages but with this exam,I think some of them will also get the chance to further.

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