HDR Scholarship-Bond University at Australia

HDR Scholarship 2023 at Bond University, Australia is announced to the general public an interested applicants. Interested applicants should read the article carefully to know the Eligibility of applicants and how to apply for the scholarship.

What you need to now:

There are two key overarching principles for determining the distribution of scholarships among applicants. First, scholarships are to be awarded through a competitive merit-based process. Second, scholarship applicants are to be treated equitably and fairly, regardless of their research discipline, and regardless of the source of their scholarship funding.

Several scholarships are available to doctoral (Doctor of Philosophy and Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy) program students at Bond University. The current full-time stipend rate for all HDR scholarship categories as of 2023 is $29,863 AUD per annum. Please note that research master’s students are not eligible for any HDR scholarships.

As an international student, you must pay your tuition fees upfront at the beginning of each six-month enrolment period. Depending on your home country and citizenship, you may be able to pay for some of your tuition fees using loans or available discounts.

International students may also be eligible for a partial fee waiver. If approved, this waiver is valid for a maximum period of 4 years full-time study for doctoral programs, or two years full-time for research master’s programs. Fees may apply if dissertations are not submitted within these time frames.


  • Possess a valid Letter of Offer for the Doctor of Philosophy or the Professional Doctorate of Occupational Therapy
  • Intend to study full time
  • Not have received an equivalent award or scholarship from the Australian Government designed to offset HDR fees

If you have previously applied for a HDR scholarship at Bond University and were unsuccessful, you may submit one additional application for a scholarship that outlines your change in circumstances.

Applicants who are unsuccessful in their second application are ineligible to apply for future scholarship rounds.

Benefits of the Scholarship:

A scholarship for all successful applicants includes:

  • 100 per cent fee waiver up to four years (for international students already on a 75 per cent Faculty Fee Waiver. Domestic students are automatically entitled to a 100 per cent fee waiver under the RTP scheme)
  • stipend (living allowance) for up to three years, and
  • single overseas health cover for international students (four years)

Supporting Documents

When preparing your application, you will need to provide the following supporting documents:

  • Official academic transcripts for all programs you have previously completed, including evidence of results or grades awarded, evidence of completion, and information on the institution’s grading system
  • Certified translations of any documents not in English
  • Proof of English proficiency if English is not your first language
  • A curriculum vitae (CV) or your LinkedIn profile URL. Please ensure you include any research publications or conference presentations
  • Your Research Project Proposal

How to apply:

Applicants must provide a detailed Research Project Proposal for their submission to study at Bond University. This should outline the research topic, a proposed research methodology, and any key writings in your chosen area, as well as relevant literature, research questions, and an overview of the relevance of your line of research.

Make sure your Research Project Proposal enables the HDR Unit and your faculty to determine whether there is appropriate supervision and resources to justify the completion of this degree, the proposal has sufficient merit to justify the completion of the degree applied for, as well as to assess your ability to undertake the thesis. Research Project Proposals will be completed with the support of your proposed supervisor.

Students undertaking a degree within the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine must also complete a whole-of-candidature budget with the guidance of their proposed supervisor.

Each faculty also offers a set of guidelines designed to support you as you write your Research Project Proposal.

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