How to Check your 2020 BECE SHS Placement

Ever since the 2020 BECE Candidate results were released, these candidates are always on the look to seeing when their placement will be out. These students always ask questions regarding the released date for the 2020 BECE SHS placement.

For the past weeks, there have been some reports by various blogs and social media handles claiming that the placement has been released. All these false reportage forces the management of GES to come out with an official statement to falsifying the claims.

In the report, Ghana Education Service made it clear that, When the placement ar out, they will officially inform the students and the general public through their social media handles and the official website.

As of yesterday 17th February 2021, the Director-General for the Ghana Education Service hinted to the General public when the placement will be out. Speaking daily Graphic, Prof Opoku Amankwa told  Director-General of Ghana Education Service, Prof Kwesi Opoku – Amankwa, BECE 2020 Placement will be released on Sunday 21st February 2021.

The placement will cover candidates who wrote both school and private BECE WAEC examinations in 2020 as well as other re-entrants. So if you’re a 2020 BECE candidate, who wishes to check the placement by themselves on the sai fate, then below is the full guide on how to check your 2020 BECE Senior High School (SHS) Placement.

First, you have to Purchase the Placement Checker through the dedicated Vendors or using Mobile Money.

You can purchase the Placement Scratch car (PIN) through Mobile Money by dialing *447*160#  and follow the on-screen prompts to complete and obtain the card.

Now, once you get the card ready (PIN), you’ll then have to visit the CSSPS page through the link 

Once you’re on the homepage of the CSSPS, you click on the Check Placement (first option)

Now, you’ll be required to enter your Index Number then follow by the Voucher PIN.

Enter the above information and then click on the submit button.

Your 2020 SHS Placement will be displayed for you to print and submit the copy to your JHS Head for endorsement.

Congratulations if you have been placed in your preferred schools.

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