How to Download UENR Clearance Form

Are you a final year student at UENR? What is the most important thing to do as a final year student at UENR before leaving the school?

In this blog, we will show you exactly what to do before leaving UENR as a final year student. Before leaving the school after completing your program, you need to be granted clearance.

What is UENR Clearance Form?

The UENR Clearance form serves many purpose to you as a student. But most importantly, the clearance form will grant you the permission to leave the school. It is mandatory for every final year student to complete and submit this clearance before final departure from campus upon completion of his/her programme of study.

The UENR clearance form officially clears you a free person to walk out of the campus. When the form is completed, it signifies that, nothing of the school is in your possession.

Reasons for UENR Clearance Forms

UENR clearance form is so important that, if you aren’t cleared you won’t be able to leave the school.

  • The Hostel Manager will clear students after they have returned room keys and paid fees/fines
  • Transcripts, Certificates and other documents will only be released to students who have been cleared


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