How to Write Formal Letter to Score High Marks in WASSCE 2022

In the WASSCE English Language Paper Two (2) where about five essays are presented for candidates to choose from, there includes Formal Letter. Find below, How to Write Formal Letter to Score High Marks in WASSCE 2022.

Before you write a formal letter, there are some features it must contain. In this article, we are going to discuss the features that must be captured when writing an official letter, especially for WASSCE 2022 candidates.

What is a Formal/Official Letter?

Official letters are written for official purposes to authorities, dignitaries, colleagues, seniors, etc, and not to personal contacts, friends, or family. It follows a definite and more formal pattern.

How to Write Formal Letter to Score High Marks in WASSCE 2022

Below are the features well explained:

Sender’s Address

This is the address of the writer. You need to provide your address where you can be found in terms of reply.

The sender’s address is written at the right top corner of the paper. This is the first feature of an official letter.


The date you are writing the letter must also be captured in the letter. Others say that the date is part of the sender’s address and others say is independent.

Whatever it is, it must be written under the sender’s address. Remember, the date is not repeated under the receiver’s address.

Receiver’s Address

The person in the position you are writing to is the receiver. Right after putting your address on the paper, what follows is the receiver’s address.

This is written below the sender’s address but on the left side of the paper.


In an official or formal letter, your salutation should be Dear Sir/Madam. This is not an informal letter where you can address the receiver like someone you are in the same position with.

Remember in an official letter, you are writing to someone higher in position and so the need to give maximum respect.


Right after the salutation, it must be followed with the heading. The heading will give brief information about what you are writing about.

The heading contains the purpose or the aim of the letter. It must be written in uppercase and underlined.


The introduction explains the heading. This will give the receiver a clearer understanding of what you are writing about.

Here, it is advisable that the writer at least show some concern and gratitude or must show that, it is an honor to write to the receiver in such a position.


In the body, you must clearly indicate the main reasons you are writing the letter. For example, you are asked to write about why your school should participate in sporting activities.

Your points in the body should be explained individually in a different paragraph. Hence, points here must connect to each other but in different paragraphs.


After you have clearly explained your points in the body, there is a need for you to conclude what you are writing. All the points you have explained must be summarized in the conclusion part.


The subscription is done right bottom of the letter. In an official letter, there is always one kind of subscription which is needed. Remember it is official, so you need to subscribe by using “yours faithfully”.


After the subscription, you need to sign the letter. Your signature must be below the subscription all align at the same position or direction.


After signing the letter, you need to write your name below the signature all in the same position. This is for the purpose of identification and reply when the need arises.

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