Dos and Don’ts Regarding the Conduct of WAEC

What are the dos and don’ts of the WASSCE? What are the rules regarding WASSCE? Well, don’t be nervous. In this article, we have come with the rules spelled out by the WAEC body regarding the conduct of the examination.

Read the article to the end and you will find the dos and don’ts regarding the conduct of WAEC.

RULE 1: Bringing in Foreign Material

  • Do NOT bring into the examination hall any foreign material such as notes, textbooks, or any material which is intended to give an undue advantage.

PENALTY: Cancellation of a Subject Paper

  • Do NOT bring into the examination hall a programmable calculator, mobile phone, or any other communication device.

PENALTY: Cancellation of Entire Results

RULE 2: Irregular Activities Inside or Outside the Examination Hall

  • Do NOT tear any part of your question paper/answer booklet or take your question paper/answer booklet outside during the examination.
  • OBEY official orders to start work
  • REMEMBER to submit your scripts to the supervisor/Invigilator before leaving the exam hall

PENALTY: Cancellation of Subject Results

  • Do NOT steal, covet or misappropriate the scripts of other candidates.
  • Do NOT substitute scripts during or after the examination.
  • Do NOT seek or receive assistance from supervisors, invigilators, teachers, or any other person during the examination.

PENALTY: Cancellation of Entire Results

RULE 3: Collusion

  • Do NOT pass notes for help, receive or give assistance or collude in any manner with another person(s).
  • REMEMBER, collusion can be detected in your script during marking.

PENALTY: Cancellation of Subject Results

RULE 4: Impersonation

  • Do NOT write the examination for another person or allow another person to write for you
  • REMEMBER, impersonation is an offense

PENALTY: Cancellation of Entire Results and Banning the person from taking any examination conducted by the council for not less than two (2) years.

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