Master’s Programmes Offered at UBIDS

Do you want to get enrolled in UBIDS for your master’s programme? Worry not. Here, you will find the list of all Masters programmes offered at the University. The University offers programmes ranging from Certificate to Doctoral programmes.

In the table below, is the list of Master’s programmes at the University. The First row is the Faculties, followed by the programmes, Type and Duration respectively,

Faculty of Integrated Development Studies (FIDS) Environment and Resource Management MPhil 2 years
Development Studies MPhil 2 years
Development Communication MPhil 2 years
School of Social Science and Arts Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems MSc 2-Year
Social Administration MPhil 2-Year
Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems MPhil 2-Year
Development Economics MPhil 2-Year
Faculty of Planning and Land Management (FPLM) Project Management and Community Development MPhil 2-Year
Monitoring and Evaluation MPhil 2-Year
MPhil Strategic Planning and Management MPhil 2-Year
Faculty of Public Policy and Governance Development Management MPhil 2-Year
Social Policy and Service Management MPhil 2-Year
School of Business Human Resource Management MPhil 2-Year
Marketing and Strategy MPhil 2-Year
Accounting MPhil 2-Year
Finance MPhil 2-Year
School of Education and Life-Long Learning Business Education (Accounting /Management Option) MPhil 2-Year
Social Science Education (Geography/ Economics/ History and Political Science Option) MPhil 2-Year
Business Education (Accounting /Management Option) M.Ed. 2-Year
Social Science Education (Geography/ Economics/ / History/ Political Science option) M.Ed. 2-Year

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