Reopening and Vacation Dates for SHS

Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has adjusted the academic calendar and dates for Senior High Schools (SHS) for the 2021 Academic Year and wishes to inform all HEADS of SCHOOLS to take note and communicate same to staff, students, parents and general public.

Below are the reopening  and vacation dates for the various cohorts of students


SHS 3 STUDENTS Reopening on May 5th, 2021

SHS 2 Green Track Students Reopening on 1st June 2021

SHS 2 Gold Track Students Vacating on 29th May, 2021

SHS 1 Green Students Vacating on 15th June, 2021

SHS 1 Gold Students Vacating on 4th May, 2021

SHS 1 Single TRACK Students Vacating on 15th June, 2021


SHS 3 Students to reopen on same day with those in double track schools (5th May)

SHS 2 Students Reopening on 1st June, 2021

SHS 1 Students Vacating on 16th July, 2021

Additionally, Heads of SHSs running Double Track for Form 1s are to, as a matter of urgency, communicate to all parents about the designated tracks for their wards to enable them plan accordingly.

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