SDD-UBIDS Admission: Do this After Free Application

SDD-UBIDS Admission: Do this After Free Application: The portal for UBIDS free application is open. Interested persons can apply now using the online application portal.

After application, there will be instance admission if you duly qualify. But before admission is given, you must do something. Follow to the end to see what to do after the online application.

SDD-UBIDS Admission: Do this After Free Application

After filing your form and having received your proof of application, do this:

  • Call the admissions office
  • Give them your application ID a
  • They will process your admissions instantly for you
  • You will receive your admissions letter via email and the university website

SDD-UBIDS Admission Office Number

After application, you can contact the school on the following numbers.

  • Telephone 1: +233(0)39 209 7256
  • Telephone 2: +233(0)39 209 7257
  • Email Address:

Send a message to WhatsApp number +233266772838 or email


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