Students with Grade D7 Should be Given Admission into Tertiary Institution

All tertiary institutions have the least grades they need to admit students. If students have below what is required, admission will not be given to such students. Most tertiary institutions don’t accept grade D7 when it comes to the admission process.

This has raised a lot of concerns. D7 is regarded as a weak grade to guarantee you admission. Most students have completed Senior High Schools but are still in the house for this reason.

Due to this concern, the Education Minister is charging public tertiaries to allow students with grade D7 to have access to education at the tertiary level.

He hinted that there are institutions that are saying they are not getting the numbers they want for admission. He is proposing this, why won’t they enroll students with grade D7 to offer them diploma courses?

This will allow them to have access to tertiary education. And D7 will not become a barrier for such students to continue their education.

Following what the Minister of Education said, will now raise the following question.

Will D7 be considered for admission into tertiary institutions?

We can’t say YES to the question. It is now onto the management of tertiary institutions to have a final say on that. If they review their policies and decided to go by what he has said, then D7 will be accepted.

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  1. Philip Anamoah says

    Please I bought forms at Komenda and Fish this year and I have not getting admission

    1. Zakari says

      Meaning you have not been given admission in any of the schools.

  2. Samuel says

    Please can a student with the following grade be admitted to college of education..?
    English Language-C4
    Integrated science-B2
    Core mathematics-C4
    Social studies-B2
    Elective Mathematics-D7

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