UEW 2022-2023 Medical Examination for Fresh Regular Students

UEW 2022-2023 Medical Examination for Fresh Regular Students

Fresh students are being informed that the medical examination for the 2022/2023 regular year is scheduled to start from 16th January 2023 to 4th February 2023.

This will be conducted on Faculty basis per the attached schedule from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm each working day at the Centre for hearing and Speech Services (CHSS) and University Clinic.

Please note that the Ear Screening would be done at the CHSS (South Campus). All other processes would be done at the University Clinic.

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UEW Medical Examination Processes

The medical examination processes are as follows:

  1. Complete the questionnaire online using your admission details in the provided link  Online Questionnaire Link
  2. Ear screening
  3. Vital sign check
  4. Taking of Chest X-ray radiograph (at a fee of GHS 50.00)
  5. Eye screening
  6. Physical examination
  7. Doctors Consult

Medical Examination Schedule for 2022-2023

It has to be noted that the medical examinations exercise is a mandatory requirement for all fresh students to be accepted as junior members of the University.

Fresh students would be issued with student identification cards only upon the completion of medical examinations and have been declared medically fit for academic activities.

UEW 2022-2023 Medical Examination for Fresh Regular Students

This is issued for all fresh students’ compliance. Please download the examination schedule below:

Download Medical Exams Notice 22-23

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