When Will BECE 2021 SHS Placement be Released

The WAEC Council has released the 2021 BECE School Candidates’ Results and candidates are awaiting for SHS Placement to be released. This is an update on when BECE 2021 SHS Placement will be released.

It is worth knowing that 572,167 students across the country sat for the BECE 2021 Examination but not all candidates have their results in full and others’ entire results canceled.

The BECE 2021 SHS Placement will only take place for those who have been able to access their results but have their entire results. These students are likely to be placed in any of the schools they have selected or chosen.

Candidates who will be placed in the first choice school show that they have met the cut-off point for the placement in order.

But also, candidates are to note that, there can be situations where students will meet the cut-off point but may not be placed in the first school of their selected schools.

The 2021 SHS Placement will also be done and checked on the CSSPS Portal. Students who have not been placed can go through the SELF PLACEMENT PROCEDURE.

When Will BECE 2021 SHS Placement be Released

Candidates are still expected to check their results online to be fully convinced that they will be included in the placement process.

See the step-by-step procedure to check your results.

The 2021 BECE Candidates are expected to enroll into SHS in the month of April in 2022,

Therefore, the 2021 SHS Placement is expected and likely to be out any day from 14th March to 21st March 2022.

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