How to Get School of Your Choice in the BECE 2021 School Placement

How to Get School of Your Choice in the BECE 2021 School Placement? Students will always want to be placed in the school they have picked as their first choice.

The 2021 SHS Placement for the BECE candidates would be soon out and candidates who sat for the examination are looking forward to getting the schools of their choice.

As a candidate, you must note that the 2021 placement will be done through the CSSPS Portal and all candidates are to be placed based on the schools they selected.

If you can recall, from the 16th of February 2022 to 22nd of February 2022 the school verification and confirmation for all candidates, parents, and guardians to confirm their selected schools.

  • All candidates were asked to choose their 1st to 5th choices from schools in Category A, B, and C in order of preference.
  • Each choice must have a program and accommodation preference (Day or Boarding)
  • Schools under category A can only be selected once and Category B can be selected twice. A candidate can select all 5 schools from Category C
  • Additionally, candidates are to select a compulsory day as the 6th choice from Category D.

These schools selected, confirmed, and verified by the candidates and their parents are what will be used to place students in the 2021 SHS placement.

How to Get School of Your Choice in the BECE 2021 School Placement

If you want to be placed in the school you have picked as your first choice, do the following and avoid some things too.

Make sure your results fall within the cut-off points for the selected school

The school placement system has been programmed to auto-place students based on their grades and the categories of schools chosen. Candidates with an aggregate of 6 to 15 are most likely to get schools under category A.

It is worth noting that, the fact that you obtained aggregate in the above-given range means you will get your first choice. There are instances where you will obtain a grade say 8 or 9 but failed to get your first choice of school.

Check your Placement as Early as Possible

It is always good to check your school placement as early as possible. This will help you get to know your placement school so you can take the next line of action in case you have not been placed.

Candidates who have not been placed by the system are given the option to self-place themselves in any of the available schools. Once you check your placement early and you have not been placed, you will have the chance to select the available school on time before most get exhausted.

Report to your Placement School within Given Period

Placing a student to a particular school is one aspect while accepting the student to that school is another. If you have been placed to a school of your choice, you must quickly report to the school for acceptance.

There are instances where a student will be placed in a school but due to other reasons could not make it. The management of the school will fail to accept such students into the school.

If that happens, the student will have to go for a replacement. So reporting to the school early will help you to solve this issue should in case you find yourself in this situation.

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