2023 GES Promotion Exams Rules and Regulations for Candidates

2023 GES Promotion Exams Rules and Regulations for Candidates: These are the rules set by the GES to monitor the conduct of the 2023 promotion exams.

The following guidelines will govern the conduct of all examinations in the GES examination. It is the duty of all concerned (Candidates, Invigilators, Supervisors and Assistant Supervisors. Monitors) to acquaint themselves with these Rules and Regulations.

2023 GES Promotion Exams Rules and Regulations for Candidates

All candidates must adhere to the following rules for a successful examination.

Qualifying to write the GES Promotion Examination A candidate shall quality to write the GES Examination if:

  • He/She is due for promotion and has applied.
  • He/She has been assigned a center and a registration number.

Examination rooms and sitting arrangements

The examination will take place at approved venues which would be sent by text to the candidate.

Sitting arrangement would be by the examination manager

Identity Cards, last promotion letter and any other necessary document of the applicants will be inspected before examinations by Ghana Education Service.

Entering and Leaving the Examination Rooms

  • A candidate should make himself/herself available at the examination venue at least 30 minutes before commencement of the examination.
  • Candidates who arrive after the examination has started will not be allowed extra time to complete the paper.
  • A candidate shall not bring to the examination room any books, papers written information or any other unauthorized material. A candidate who is suspected of hiding unauthorized material on him/her may be asked by the invigilator to submit. himself/herself to a body search. Refusal to comply would constitute an examination offence.
  • Candidates may leave the examination room temporarily, but only with the permission of the invigilator. In such case, the invigilator will be required to certify that the candidates do not carry on them any unauthorized material. An attendant designated by the supervision/invigilator will accompany a candidate who allowed to leave the examination room temporarily.
  • Candidates should spend a minimum of 30 minutes in the examination room before submitting examination scripts.
  • A candidate who completes an examination ahead of time and intends to leave the examination room shall draw the attention of the supervisors/invigilator who shall collect the candidate’s answer booklets before he/she is permitted to leave.
  • Candidates who fall in the examination room should inform the supervisors/invigilator for the appropriate action to be taken.

Procedures during the Examination

  • Candidates must ensure that they sign the examination attendance sheet. On receipt of the answer booklets, candidates should carefully read the instructions on the front cover of the answer booklets and enter their index numbers and other details as required.
  • No part of the answer booklet may be torn off and all used answer booklets must be left on the table.
  • It shall be the candidate’s responsibility to provide for themselves such materials as pens for the examination. Borrowing of these materials will not be allowed Candidates are to ensure that they are given the right question paper and other material(s) needed for the examination.
  • Under no circumstances should a candidate write his/her name on any part of the answer booklet provided. Candidates are required to use only their Index Numbers throughout the examination period. Unless otherwise instructed, candidates are to sit according to their Index Numbers for all written papers.
  • There should be no verbal or any other form of communication between candidates during the period of the examination.
  • Candidates would be told by the invigilator(s) when to start answering the questions. Candidates would be allowed a reading time to check that the question paper is the correct one, all questions are readable and there are no missing pages.
  • As soon as the ‘stop work’ order is announced, candidates are to stop writing. Candidates should remain seated for their answer booklets to be collected by the supervisor/invigilator before they leave the examination room. Candidates have personal responsibility for ensuring that their answer booklets are collected by the supervisor/invigilator.

Absence from Examination

Any candidates who fails to attend the examination should be reported to GES.

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