Guidelines on How to Select Schools for BECE Candidates

How do I choose a BECE school? Are you a candidate registered to write 2021 BECE? If yes, this article is for you. In this article, we have come with guidelines on how to select schools for BECE candidates.

Below are the guidelines for the school selection:

  • Candidates must choose five (5) schools (1st to 5th choice)
  • Candidates must select programmes and accommodation in each school of choice.
  • You must list choices 1st to 4th in order of preference
  • Your 5th choice must be from Category D. Choice five must be the candidates’ catchment area day school which is Category D compulsory day school. This implies that the compulsory day school is now restricted to the candidate’s 5th choice.
  • You may select four choices from Category C and one from Category D.
  • You cannot select more than two (2) schools from Category B.
  • You cannot select more than one (1) school from Category A.
  • If you desire to pursue purely technical programmes may select 1st-4th schools from Technical or Vocational category Category E and must still select the 5th choice from Category D.
  • Candidates must arrange their choices in order of preference.

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  1. Kweku Boateng says

    Wat happens if a candidate selects 3 category b in the second cycle

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