GIMPA Important Notices for December 2023 Graduation Application Form


Please complete the form feeling using only upper case (capital letters)
Abbreviations. initials, and/or brackets are not acceptable when completing the application form.

Application from students who have not paid all their fees including the graduation fee will not be accepted and processed.

It is the responsibility of every student to ensure that all requirements are met and that his/her details (spelling of names, arrangement of names, full name) are accurate in the ITS. Any student who does not meet the graduation requirement (Section 8 of both Postgraduate and Undergraduate Student Handbooks as well as having no outstanding debt; paying graduation fee) will have to re-apply to graduate during the next scheduled graduation. A student will not be automatically graduated at next scheduled graduation.

GIMPA Important Notices for December 2023 Graduation Application Form

Only student’s name on entry-certificates/results (as captured upon admission) will appear on certificates and transcripts. Please report all errors in writing to your School’s Secretariat prior to the date of graduation. The Institute does not take responsibility for errors in names and academic records reported after a student graduates.

Kindly COMPLETE and SUBMIT this form on/before Friday, November 10, 2023.

Click on the link to apply: Apply

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