How to Answer English Comprehension in WASSCE

Have you ever asked yourself these questions as a WASSCE Candidate?

  1. What is a comprehension passage?
  2. How to Read and Understand Comprehension Passage?
  3. Tips to Answer Comprehension Passage?
  4. How to Answer Comprehension Passage
If YES, this article is here to answer you. Comprehension is one of the elements which constitute parts of the English paper.

Let see what Comprehension English Language means.


This is the ability to process text, understand its meaning, and integrate with what the reader already knows. It is also the full knowledge and understanding of the meaning of something.

Well, how does this comprehension looks like?

Before you will answer a question, you need to know how it looks like. Mostly, the comprehension aspect of the WASSCE English Language paper is found in Section B of the questions.

The comprehension doesn’t start with a heading but just directives. The directives will tell you what to do in the section. The comprehension aspect is a passage or narration that you need to fully read and understand.

How do I read, Understand, and Answer a Comprehension Passage?

After knowing the section to find your comprehension passage and how it looks like, the next step is to read and understand it. In the examination hall, you are not going to learn it but rather read and understand. So you don’t have to waste much time on that. All you need to do is the following.

How to Understand and Answer Comprehension Passage?

  • Go through the questions to be answered after the comprehension
  • Make up your mind to read the passage three times
  • Read faster in the first reading
  • Minimize the speed of your reading in the second phase
  • Slowly read the passage again to have a fair understanding

Importance of Reading Questions before the Passage?

  1. It gives you the clue to find your answer both in and out of the passage
  2. You will find it easier to locate the paragraph of your answer once you start to answer them
  3. It makes you spend less time locating your answer.

How to Answer the Comprehension Passage Questions?

To answer comprehension questions, you need to think both in and outside the box. Some questions asked are found in the passage but others are not found in it. This triggers you to know that you need to be smart. The answer to question a is found in paragraph one in that order to the end.

Tips to Answer Comprehension Passage

Below are the tips on how to properly answer comprehension questions.

  • Do not always lift answers from the passage.
  • Try to replace nouns with pronouns.
  • Use a lot of synonyms when lifting answers from the passage
  • Try to keep answers brief and short
  • Start a sentence with capital letters and end with a full stop (.)
  • Make sure you label answers to their respective questions.


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