Universities Offering BSc Nursing for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

A wide range of programs is offered in Ghanaian Universities that applicants can choose from. In this article, we have listed down Universities Offering BSc Nursing for the 2022/2023 Academic Year in Ghana.

Its another admission season for Ghanaian applicants to get enrolled in any tertiary institution and university of their choice.

Applicants looking forward to studying Medicine in Ghana can get enrolled in any of the Universities below provided they have the qualifications.

Types of Nurses in Ghana

Basically, nurses are classified into four categories based on their qualifications and what they do. In Ghana, there are four types or categories of Nurses. These are

  • Registered Nurse (RN): Registered Nurses are the main nurses charged with taking care of patients and ensuring that their needs are met.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN): Licensed practical nurses are nurses that hold a diploma in practical nursing. These nurses work closely with registered nurses to gain experience before advancing their careers.
  • Nurse Midwife (APRN): Nurse-midwives provide family planning and prenatal and obstetric care. These nurses serve as caregivers for women and their newborns. They also provide education on wellness, nutrition, and disease prevention to mothers and babies. These nurses usually have a Master’s degree or higher level of education.
  • Nurse Practitioners: These nurses are at the top of the chain. They provide advanced health care in health care centers.

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Nursing Specialization

The field of nursing is very broad. Below are a few fields within the spectrum of nursing.

  • Mental health nursing
  • Pediatric nursing
  • Midwifery
  • General nursing
  • Community health nursing etc.

Universities Offering BSc Nursing for the 2022/2023 Academic Year

Below is the list of accredited universities offering bachelor of science nursing in Ghana.

  1. The University of Energy and Natural Resources
  2. University of Ghana
  3. Presbyterian University College Ghana
  4. Central University College
  5. Ghana Baptist University College
  6. University for Development Studies
  7. KAAF University College
  8. Pentecost University College
  9. Ghana Christian University College
  10. Garden City University College
  11. All Nations University College
  12. Christian Service University College
  13. Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology
  14. Valley View University

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