Why Do People Choose to Study Medicine in Bulgaria?

There are many reasons why people choose to study medicine in Bulgaria. Bulgarian medical universities offer high-quality education to students that wish to study medicine abroad. Some of the reason why people choose to study medicine in Bulgaria are:

Affordable tuition fees and low living costs

Medicine is not easy to get university courses. So it is with the tuition fees. If you’re unable to pay a tuition fee in your home country for a medicine course, then you should consider studying in Bulgaria since they have the lowest tuition fees with high-quality teaching and learning. Studying at Plovdiv Medical University or Sofia Medical University for the whole academic year may cost you somewhere 8000 EUR.

English taught courses recognized in the EU and the UK:

Once you obtain a certificate in any of the universities in Bulgaria, it will be much easier for you to work abroad or pursue another degree in another country. Bulgarian degrees are recognized in most countries around the world, and all of the European Union and can be the perfect entrance for a medical career in Germany, France, and the UK, and so on.

Established student organizations to support international students

Applying to be a foreign student in any country is no easy process and at times it could be very stressful.  Most of the universities in Bulgaria have established student organizations/associations to support international students while they undertake their studies in the country. Students who have challenges during their course of studies can fall on these organizations for help. Bulgarians are mostly friendly and most of the young people in the cities speak fluent English, while you will find that older generations lean more towards Russian. Yet, they understand and speak English well enough for you to be able to communicate with them relatively easily.

Situated between Greece and Turkey for great weekend trips

Most of the cities in Bulgaria have massive mountain ranges splitting the country into unique regions. Students studying in Sofia are exposed to the Vitosha mountain, a perfect place for hiking and skiing in the winter. The Rhodope mountain is also located Near Plovdiv, Stara Planina (Old Mountain) in less than an hour’s drive. If you are sick and tired of your home country weather and want a change of environment, then Bulgaria has four different seasons that you will enjoy. The country has plenty of sun in the spring, summer, and autumn as well fluffy snow in the winter, you will take full advantage of experiencing four seasons and visiting magnificent places.

Lower entry requirements at Bulgarian universities

Sometimes, because of the limited space provided to accommodate medicine students, most countries set high requirements for studying medicines in their universities. In Bulgaria, it is much different. Every year, Most of the Medical University in Bulgaria accepts over 700 international applicants with different grades who have a fresh start and prove they are best for the courses.

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