AAMUSTED 2021/2022 Reopening Arrangements for Second Semester

AAMUSTED is welcoming all students to the school for the second semester of the 2021/2022 academic year. In this blog, we bring to you the AAMUSTED 2021/2022 Reopening Arrangements for Second Semester.

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AAMUSTED 2021/2022 Reopening Arrangements for Second Semester

As part of the arrangement for reopening, students are to take note of some guidelines from authorities.

  • Ensure full payment of fees first.
  • Submit payment receipt to Faculty Accounts Office for verification and clearance.
  • Freshers and Continuing Students’ Course registration starts on Wednesday, June 29, 2022, and ends on Friday, July 8, 2022.
  • Submit clearance chit to Department Administrator for registration.
  • Students should obtain a printed copy of the online registration form from their respective departments as evidence of registration.
  • Students are to report to the MIS Office or the Faculty Account Office, any challenge which may be indicated by the system during the registration process for assistance.
  • Access students’ portal through – https://osissip.osis.onlineusing AAMUSTED e-mail (eg. 5201040001@st.aamusted.edu.gh).
  • Visit notice boards to check for timetables and venues for lectures.
  • Students who are unable to register before the end of the registration period should kindly seek advice from the Department Administrator.
  • Note that late registration attracts a penalty each day after the close of registration.

People who want to apply for admission at AAMUSTED can do so. Find attached, is the deadline date for the application.

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  1. Thomas Ayawini Akamalug says

    When will level 400 sandwich students be reporting to campus for the First Semester ?

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