How to Check My BECE School Placement 2023

The computerized school selection and placement system(CSSPS) is a system that is used by the Ghana Education Service to place qualified candidates who took part in the Basic Education Certificate and performed well to enrolled in their school of choice.
The place is only available to those candidates who sat for the BECE examination since the candidates index number is required to access the placement form.

How to check your placement form:

To check your placement form, you will need to buy an e-voucher. The voucher card contains the serial and the in that i needed to access the placement form. See how to buy voucher below.

  • Access the CSSPS portal using the link provided below>>
    Input your index number eg(100000000023). The index number has 10 digits, with the addition of the year f the examination which is 23.
  • Enter the e-voucher serial. The serial number is a total of 10 digits.
  • Enter the e-voucher pin. The pin is a total of 7 digits.
  • Locate and click on proceed
  • From here, you can print out your placement slip

Note: If you are given a placement, you would have to do what we called self placement.

How to gain a self placement:

  • Click on the portal provided below to begin the process>>
  • Enter your E-voucher serial and pin. You will be redirected to another portal.
  • Select the school of your choice and whether day or boarding.
  • Select your preferred program eg. General Arts
  • Click on the confirm button to print out your placement slip.

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