NABCO Trainees to be Given Permanent Jobs

NABCO trainees to be given permanent jobs before October this year. NABCO is an initiative brought in in 2018 by the president of the Republic of Ghana to help curb the situation of unemployment in the country.

The initiative has helped to temporarily employ over 60,000 Ghanaians who were jobless in the country. This brings the number of unemployment to reduce.

In an interview with the President on Radio B.A.R 93.5mhz, the President stated that there are plans to absorb more than half of the NABCO trainees in the public sector.

According to the president, trainees have been given a questionnaire to fill and decide where to be placed. The absorption of trainees into permanent jobs will be base on the questionnaire filled.

The majority of the NABCO Trainees have answered that they want to work and be retained in the public sector. And only a few have decided to be self-employed.

He added that the focus is only on those who have filled the questionnaire and hence will be given permanent employment before October this year.

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