Study in the UK in 2021-22: All What you need to Know

The UK open and inclusive way of life will inspire you, the rich cultural history will fire your imagination, and – as the universities are among the most trusted and respected in the entire world – you’ll be able to develop your best and brightest ideas by studying here.

UK universities have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring student safety remains a top priority while continuing to deliver the world-class teaching the UK is known for. Each UK university has dedicated staff to support international students at every step of their journey: from application to preparing for travel, to supporting you on arrival and throughout your time at university.

You will feel welcome and at ease when you arrive in the UK and would assure as an international student that UK universities are looking forward to welcoming you.

Why Study in the UK?

  • Get ready to succeed
  • A higher standard of education
  • Access world-leading research
  • Short, flexible courses

Get ready to succeed

With so many world-class degrees on offer in the UK, it’s easy to see why the UK is the best possible place for you to study. But did you know we’re also the best place to prepare for your chosen career?

That’s because a UK degree gives you more than just an outstanding academic qualification. It can also provide you with valuable work placements, and all as part of your studies.

These placements, internships, and volunteering positions are designed for you to build new skills, make new contacts and apply your learning in a real-world, professional environment. And as UK universities have such strong links with every type of industry (from engineering to fashion to science and more) you’re sure to find a placement that’s right for you.

It’s another reason why UK graduates are among the most employable in the entire world, and why they’re earning more and progressing further than their peers educated elsewhere. And it’s why a UK degree can help you to really stand out in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

And don’t forget that you can now apply to stay in the UK for two years after your studies finish, through the new Graduate Route. This means you’ll be able to take the next step in your career, right here in the UK.

A higher standard of education

The UK’s academic reputation is world-renowned. Built on a heritage that is now centuries old, our approach to education applies the very latest learning theory through universities that routinely top international tables. Our innovative teaching methods produce successful, versatile graduates who are sought-after by employers around the world.

UK universities have featured strongly in world rankings ever since they began. In 2021 the Times Higher Education World Rankings honored us with two of the world’s top ten universities, including the world’s top university – the University of Oxford. This high quality can be found right across the country, with seven of the top 50, and 26 of the top 200 universities found here in the UK.

Access world-leading research

The UK is a global powerhouse of science and research. With so many universities at the cutting edge of global discoveries and emerging technology, UK students graduate with insights and experience that are in high demand around the world.

Building on an extraordinary heritage of new discoveries, UK universities continue to be globally-recognized for their commitment to research. The UK is ranked second in the world for science and research, with 54 percent of our output considered world-leading. That’s more than the US, Canada, Germany, Japan, and Brazil.

Behind our brilliant research are brilliant thinkers, some of the best minds in their fields who you can connect with at a range of levels.

The impact that their supportive inspiring teaching has is evident in the feedback we receive from our postgraduates. 93 percent of international postgraduates rate the quality of the UK teaching highly.

Short, flexible courses

It’s not just world-recognized universities that make the UK a top choice with international students. Courses in the UK are tailormade to support you in getting the most from your studies as quickly as possible.

From the traditional to the cutting-edge – whatever you want to study, you’re sure to find a course that provides you with the understanding, experience, and skills you need to pursue your dream career.

In the UK, flexibility is built into the majority of our courses. Many universities allow you to choose from different subject ‘modules’, so you can build a course programme that suits you down to the ground, specializing as you go for a perfectly tailored experience.

Postgraduate courses in the UK are shorter than in both the US and Australia, with many MBA’s taking just one year. So you get better value for money and can begin applying your knowledge in the real world a lot sooner.

Health and Wellbeing

With one of the best healthcare systems in the world, globally respected policing, and low crime rates, studying in the UK is exceptionally safe and secure.

UK’s NHS (National Health Service) is one of the world’s most advanced healthcare systems, offering safe and modern treatment. Each of the educational institutions offers excellent and comprehensive support to students around issues of wellbeing and mental health.

The NHS is available to all international students. As part of your student visa application, applicants are required to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge. The Immigration Health Surcharge costs £470 per year for a student, and it gives students access to NHS services without further charge (subject to a few exceptions, such as prescription charges in England). Find out more about this here

Public Health

Remember to follow local guidance for the part of the UK you live in or are planning on studying in. Please note the public health advice and requirements for Covid-19 may differ between the UK’s four nations.

Face Coverings

In the UK, it is a legal requirement to wear a face-covering over your nose and mouth in most indoor spaces, including public transport and shops. View the government guidance on face coverings.


Most international students need a student visa to study in the UK. Finding out whether you need a visa to study is easy – simply check here.

For the latest information on your local UK Visa Application Centre, please visit:

If your local Visa Application Centre is closed due to Covid-19 restrictions, you can still familiarise yourself with UK visa requirements. We recommend you talk to your university about the English language evidence you will need to make your visa application.

If your local English language testing centre is closed, universities can use other forms of evidence to demonstrate English language ability.

Please note that different universities have different requirements, so make sure you check what form of English language evidence you will need with your university.


Remember to also check travel advice in your own country in advance of making your travel plans.

We know how daunting moving to another country can be, and we want to reassure you that universities are working hard to ensure that you know what to expect before you travel to the UK and are welcomed and supported on arrival by your chosen university.

Get in touch with your university to find out more about how they can support you. Please see information on entering the UK here.

Further information

Many British Council offices run webinars and events to provide international students with up-to-date information on studying in the UK and some run pre-departure briefings. Please contact your local British Council office to find out what support is available.

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