How to know if your NABCO Monthly Stipend has been Paid or Not

As a NABCO trainee, there are instances where the Monthly stipends will be paid to your card without the secretariat sending a payment SMS. This has been an issue with most trainees especially those in the rural areas. In most cases, these trainees have to rely on their colleagues for the payment alert.

When the monthly stipends are being paid, each trainee has to go to the bank or the nearest e-zwich machine to load the funds. It will be embarrassing if you should go to the bank to load the fund only to be told there are no funds to load. So in other to save your time and the embarrassment, it’s good to always check your payment status on the portal before you take any action in withdrawing the funds.

If you are here, then that’s great because, in this article, w are going to look at how to check your payment status to know if you’ve been paid or not. So without wasting further time, let’s begin.

To check your payment status, you must first visit the NABCO portal through the link

Once you’re on the NABCO Login Page, you’ll have to enter your NABCO Reference Number and password.

NABCO Stipends Login Page

Now, once you enter the right login detail, you’ll be taken to your NABCO portal.

Here, you’ll see all your basic information including your full name your placement institution, the District of postings, and your application status.

NABCO Stipends History

Now, To see your payment status, you have to scroll down to the page on your portal and there you’ll see the list of payments by months.

Each month’s payment status will be display for you with the remarks.

NABCO Portal Remarks

The remarks under each month should tell you what your status is.

Some of the remarks you may see against a particular month in your portal are:

  • PAID
  • Payment Processing
  • Timesheet Not Submitted
  • Under Investigation
  • Deceased
  • Invalid Timesheet
  • Permanently employed
  • Underdisplinary action
  • Duplicate Department Number
  • Not in the Master List
  • E-zwich Blocked
  • Not Reported by MIPs
  • No e-zwich card
  • e.t.c

Now, assuming you want to know your payment status for say ” July 2020″, you have to navigate to the July 2020 column and look at the remarks section.

There you should see any of the above remarks. If you are eligible for payment for the said month, you’ll see the PAID as your remark, otherwise, any of the above remarks can be a remark against the said month. Also, if July 2020 stipends have not yet been paid as in the above screen, you should see ‘Payment Processing’ as a remark.

That’s all friends. I hope you now know how to check your payment status to see if you’ve been paid or not. Thanks for stopping by to read.

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  1. Fred akanpoli says

    Why April and May not paid

  2. Panyan nuhu Ajara says

    Good morning
    I would be very greatful if your kind office could pay me.since I started working with Nabco I have only received 5 months allowance and since then absolute nothing for me .Due to the non payment of my allowances life have not be easy for me .
    Counting on your kind consideration and prompt actions please!
    Thank you Ajara Nuhu Panyan

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