When Will NABCO March 2021 Stipends Payment be Done? See Details Below

NABCO trainee’s stipends are always paid based on the data extracted from the District and regional coordinators portal. Each Month the validation portal is opened from 24th to 30th for all  District coordinators to login and validate trainees who are eligible for payment in the said month.

The month of March 2021 has ended and as usual, Most NABCO trainees have started to ask questions on when will the March stipends be paid? A circular sighted by our team shows that:

The NABCO March 2021 Trainee Stipend Payment Validation is opened and fully functional from  Wednesday, March 31, 2021, to Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

In that circular, All-District Coordinators are urged to double-check their validations to ensure the right validations are done before submitting.

All-Regional Coordinators and RMTs in charge of approving validations must ensure approvals begin early so the system is not overloaded at the last-minute stage. Please double-check all the approvals before the deadline elapses.

That, this and other payment validation are still based on the Career Pathways Transition Process data.

According to the content of the circular, Trainees who have been permanently employed with appointments starting from March 2021 or before must not be validated and that, Validating trainees who have been permanently employed or exited the scheme would ultimately affect those trainees in their new employment and could affect the validating/approving authorities for their actions as well or affect future funding. This means, if you’re a trainee who has been permanently employ, you should take the necessary steps to decline your NABCO appointment otherwise you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Trainees must not change card numbers on their portals for cards that have been REPLACED by their banks. “We are receiving so many requests to change cards which are done and after verification, they are returned with queries because they turn out to be replaced cards. This takes time for us and the payment platform which ends up delaying the payment of stipends for such trainees.”

Data is currently being worked on to resolve all issues with trainees who still have “processing payment”, “New eZwich cards” on their payment history, and a fully refunded category of trainees who have been validated for payment. We expect this to be completed in time for payment of March 2021 stipends and other outstanding arrears.

When will March 2021 Stipends be paid?

The system shall close at 23:59GMT (11:59 PM) on Wednesday, April 7, 2021, which is the deadline for all District coordinators and Regional Coordinators to validate and approve payments.

Taking into consideration of the past payment history, Payments of stipends usually are done a week or two of the new month. But since the Validation for March stipends is scheduled to close on 7th April 2021, then trainees should expect their march 2021 stipends from 10th April to 15th April 2021. All things being equal.

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    1. Please the date you gave to us on the Nabco website to pay the March 2021 allowance or stipends has already elapse. You said by 10th to 15th April, 2021.
    Please why still the allowance has not been paid?
    Thank you.

    2. Please when are those who selected public permanent job under nabco career pathways registration be mechanized permanently?.
    Because we are almost done with the Nabco three year contract.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.

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