NABCO Trainees February 2021 Stipend Arrears Validation is Done, Payment to begin Soon

The NABCO portal was open for all District coordinators to validate their trainees who are eligible for payment of stipend in the month of March 2021.

Usually, all trainees who are at the post, have submitted their timesheet, and work per the required working days are to be validated for the payment.

The validation for the March 2021 payment was open together with February 2021. This has become necessary because, during the February 2021 validation, most trainees were not been able to be validated by the coordinators because their names have been captured under trainees who have not completed their NABCO career pathways transition Process (CPTP).

So when the payment for February 2021 stipends was done, these trainees couldn’t get their stipends. A situation that brought more pressure to the various coordinators.

Now NABCO has rectified the problem and has also given these trainees who couldn’t submit their CPTP the chance and they did as expected.

In other for these trainees with the remark as uncompleted CPTP on their portal to get paid for the February 2021 stipend, the portal was reopened for their coordinators to revalidate them.

The validation process started on the 31st of March 2021 and ended on the 2nd of April 2021. All eligible trainees should by now see the Process Payment as a remark on their portal. If not, then they can contact their District coordinators for further details.

Meanwhile, April 2021 validation is still ongoing and trainees should also start to see remarks such as Validated by District but not approve by Region.

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