NABCO: When Will April and May 2021 Stipends be Paid, and Why the Delay?

NABCO trainees for the past two months have been crying for the delay in their stipend and seems no one care. Trainees who have worked for two good months (April and May 2021) are yet to receive their pay with no proper reason given to them.

Gone were the days when it seems normal for trainees to received stipends late. In late 2020,  trainees have been receiving their stipend in time, not until this year 2021 when things changed.

In normal times, NABCO trainees always get their stipends paid within the first week of the new month.

This year (January to May 2021)  things have changed and today being 15th June but still, NABCO has not paid these trainees their stipends for APRIL and MAY 2021.

For some time now, we have been making inquiries to find answers to why the delay in the payment of the stipend for April and May 2021. Our checks from some stakeholders show that the Below might be the reasons for the delay in the NABCO trainee’s April and May 2021 stipends.

If you can recall, in the April 2021 Validation circular which was sighted by mot trainees, NABCO HQ made it clear that “April 2021 payment would be done based on the availability of funds and eligibility verification. ”

Also from the May 2021 Validation Circular, All coordinators were also made to know that, April 2021 Trainees Stipends payment is currently being processed but subject to Trainees eligibility verifications.

In the last days of May 2021, NABCO made all District coordinators get the list of all trainees who are currently on the program together with their Line Managers Details and Place of Posting for verification.

That some trainees have been permanently employed bu still on the programme taking double salaries. So in other to rectify and remove such persons from the Programme, NABCO will need to verify all trainee’s details against their core MIPs and other government agencies such as Controller and SSNIT.

“From April 2021 payments, All trainee payments validated by District Coordinators and Approved by Regional Coordinators shall be verified against their core MIPs and other government agencies such as Controller and SSNIT.”

And where a trainee is found to have been employed and still being validated then that trainee is liable to refund all stipends ever paid regardless of when they started their employment, and this shall be charged against their salaries and additional actions taken against such trainees.

When will April and May 2021 Stipend be Paid?

The April and May 2021 Stipend may be paid together as the validation for May and April have already be done. The payment is likely to take place this week, if and only if NABCO is able to finish with their verification of the trainee’s details from the relevant agency. Also, NABCO is likely to pay trainees stipends if the government makes available the funds for payment.

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  1. Mensah Samuel says

    Please the year 2021 l have only received February stipend alone.

  2. Princess says

    I wounder why only a day is giving to trainees for submission/validation of time sheet and if you are not able to then you will not be paid,i think its not the best our stipend’s dont come on time and now if you’re not able to submit your timesheet then you are not paid your money tooo.what kind of job are we doing at all.HMMMMMMMM.

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